Blossoming with or without You.

I wrote this passage for a writing assignment in college. This is the where the story of ‘DIANA’ begins. Rumor has it, that a girls first love is her father. I personally wouldn’t agree with that kind of statement as a matter of fact, but my experience makes me bias of this. Healthy father-daughter relationships are said […]

Book Review: I Love, My Love

Reyna Mays, known as “Reyna Biddy”, is a 22-year old spoken word poet, author, and self-love enthusiast based in Los Angeles, California. Reyna is known for both her positive affirmations and poetry online. Her work welcomes in the lost, heals the broken, and gives hope to those who feel there’s none left. Reyna’s work is […]


 Reflecting  I look in the mirror and often times I don’t recognize myself. I’ve gotten older And I must admit I let a lot of things get to me but I’m trying. In the midst of the confusion, I’m fighting my way out the storm. Refusing to give in to the temptation of letting my […]